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Hit the Peak of Your Golf Game - Virtually

We get it, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, it’s basically fall. With autumn just started, most golfers may start to pack away their clubs until warmer days. However, we challenge you to keep them out! Golfers lose precious practice time over the colder months, for which we have a simple solution – virtual reality. Now this may seem like a futuristic idea, but playing without actually stepping onto a golf course could be your determining factor for a better handicap next season. Don’t get rusty and keep up with your game at our indoor virtual reality golf simulator!

No amount of rain, snow, or wind should keep you from honing in on your game. The indoor golf simulator at Narberth Tennis Club allows a player a variety of formats, such as 9 or 18 holes and long or short games. Narberth also offers 15 different courses. There’s no chance you could ever get bored here. Players are even offered the chance to work one-on-one with our golf pro, Danie Steyn. Players will receive a lesson personalized to their own needs and get the chance to compare their swing to a professional’s with our video analysis software. Not to mention, we also have club rentals if you don’t have them!

Getting low on fun date ideas to do with your significant other? Or can’t figure out where to host your next party? Again, we can fix that. It’s great spending quality time with people you love while doing what you love. Loser buys dinner?

So now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, why haven’t I done this sooner?” because we’re thinking the same thing too! Practicing in the colder months can only improve your game when summer rolls around. Give us a call to reserve your practice time now!

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