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DIY For Tennis Balls Past Their Prime

If you’re a tennis player, you probably find tennis balls around the house in the most random locations. For example, if you come into the Gulph Mills or Narberth Tennis Clubs, you could lift a ceiling tile and find a lost ball, which was hit onto the ceiling from the courts. You can even find tennis balls scattered in our desks, hiding in closets and forgotten in small nooks and crannies. Basically, tennis balls are EVERYWHERE here. So we decided to get a bit crafty and devised a DIY list on how to repurpose tennis balls that are past their prime.

1. DIY Bath Bombs

Step aside LUSH, we found an awesome recipe for making our own bath bombs. Kids and adults alike love these fizzy little things! Plus, bath bombs make stellar gifts. Cut the tennis ball in half to mold the perfect shape for a bath bomb. Check out the recipe here!

Image Source JadeMonroe

2. Front Door Wreath

If you’re a tennis lover, this door wreath is a MUST have. Tennis ball wreaths are fairly simple to make and require just a few materials. However, if you’re not in tune with your crafty side, you can purchase one on Etsy for cheap!

Image Source Pinterest

3. A Tennis Ball "Helper"

I am personally obsessed with this DIY. Take a tennis ball, add some fun googly eyes, and cut a “mouth” in the center. This helper can now hold anything from keys to writing utensils! Add a suction cup on the back to stick onto any household surface.

Image Source BuzzFeed

4. Tennis Ball Photo Holder

Need a fun way to display your pictures from tennis or camp? Problem solved. Cut a tennis ball in half then insert a wire (or hanger) in the center. Curl up the wire into a spiral shape and voilà, a brand new picture holder that is inexpensive and adds spunk to any space.

5. A Tennis Ball Pot

This mini planter is a great accessory to any windowsill. Cut off the top, add some soil, and plant a new little friend. At some point you will have to move the plant into a bigger pot but this planter is too cute not to have!

Image Source Upcycle Art

6. Food-stuffed Tennis Ball Chew Toy

All the dog lovers out there, this is for YOU! Simply cut a hole about 1-1.5 inches into the side of the ball. Then stuff the insides with whatever your furry friend enjoys such as peanut butter or treats! Your pup will be busy and happy for a long time. (Cue the tail wag).

Image Source imgur

7. Speed Up Laundry With Tennis Balls

A great life hack is tossing a tennis ball into the dryer when drying comforters, sheets, pillows, or fluffy coats. The tennis ball will give the items a good fluff up and helps the load of laundry dry faster and evenly! It’s not fun having your sheets bunch up in the dryer and the majority is still wet. A tennis ball will prevent any linen from bunching up. (Trust us, we swear by this tip!)

Image Source Leslie Jane Moran

There you have it, seven awesomely fun ways to repurpose old tennis balls. Try them out and send in pictures! We can’t wait to see your DIY creations.

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