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Tennis Homework

I am a firm believer that homework allows for critical review and application of skills. Concepts are strengthened and maintained via repeated practice. This applies in sports as well. Here are five areas players can explore off the court that will benefit their game.

  • Shadow Swinging – Practicing your swing at home in front of a mirror will enhance your technical familiarity learnt at your lesson or clinic.

  • Watch Tennis on TV – Visual learners will benefit from observing professionals’ playing. Take note of how the pros are moving their feet, constructing points and handling themselves emotionally.

  • Jumping Rope – This is one of the most effective footwork drills for tennis. It promotes staying on the balls of your feet as well as quick movements. It is also a very productive cardio workout.

  • Reading – There are many strategic techniques, tips and formational advice that can enhance a player’s knowledge to be found in your favorite tennis journals, online resources and magazines.

  • Review Your Notes - Every tennis player should maintain a notebook where they capture feedback and goals from each lesson or clinic. Take a few moments each evening to review your notes to keep the learned information fresh in your mind. This increases progress in a new technique or a change to your game.

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