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The Seven Benefits Of The Indoor Golf Simulator at Narberth Tennis Club

The leaves have changed colors, the sun goes down earlier in the day and it means only one thing left to happen, the temperature goes down. Unfortunately all of these issues mean that you can no longer go out and play a round of golf. Unless you spend an outrageous amount of money to travel to a warmer climate to play. Oh wait there is even a solution for that, the Narberth Tennis Club! The Narberth Tennis Club offers a two screen indoor golf simulator. Up to eight people can play at a time (four at each screen.) I introduce to you the seven benefits of playing indoor golf at the Narberth Tennis Club:

  • The indoor golf simulator at Narberth Tennis offers fifteen different courses that you play at. Including courses such as Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. Can’t fly to California to play Pebble Beach? No problem and no flying involved.

  • You stay indoors and avoid the snow and freezing temperature. While also saving time.

  • You can play a variety of formats: short and long game, 9 holes, 18 holes, hit a bucket of balls. Whatever you are in the mood for that day you can do it.

  • Work on your swing with our pro Danie Steyn and receive a video analysis comparing your swing to a pro’s swing. As seen below:

  • Don’t have clubs? No problem, Narberth indoor golf offers club rentals at no charge!

  • No longer do you have to go searching for your ball in a tall grass area.

  • No longer is there a group in front of you slowing your game down.

  • Instead of counting down the days for the spring to roll around, checkout the indoor golf simulator at the Narberth Tennis Club! Your game will be better come spring!

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