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The Foundation of a Great Tennis Player

Building the tallest buildings requires the careful construction of a strong secure foundation. This foundation takes many months to build and anyone watching the building site wonders when the real work will really start. Then suddenly, in a matter of days, it seems 10 stories have gone up and it’s almost done.Good tennis strokes are the foundation of any player’s game. Careful attention must be given to this foundation, in order to ensure a player’s success and longevity in the game.Without proper strokes there can be no strategy.The dimensions of the court and associated physical laws primarily dictate stroke production. No coach’s opinion or any unique theory matters as much.Furthermore, there must be an understanding in the parents mind as well as the player about the neurological connection between how a child hits the ball on their first day and then a decade later. There is no substitute for a good beginning. The athlete is a bio-computer and needs to be programmed correctly from the beginning. When a player does not have a good stroke foundation, they have little or no tactical options. They may be able to get by for a while, possibly even experiencing some success, but eventually they will break down, because there is no solid foundation. Winning is a by-product of good skills.It is a tennis teacher’s job to help a student develop good, long-lasting tennis skills. A good tennis teacher will try and make it as fun as possible while the client is working hard developing these skills.Development of competency in their strokes will result in an inner satisfaction in students of knowing that they are able to do something well. Then the tennis student loves the game. They are confident in their ability and enjoy practicing and improving their skills. A self-sustaining system is therefore being created.Spend the time and money early on building a strong foundation and you can go as high as you want.

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