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Julian Krinsky School of Tennis Summer Camps

JKST Summer Camp




Summer Tennis Camp 

Ages 5 - 18


Bring your game outside this summer!  Enjoy the same great tennis professionals, tennis instruction, and results! This tennis camp is individualized for what YOU need!

  • Haverford College or Villanova University

  • Day or residential 

  • Full day or half day  

  • Mix & match with JKCP Enrichment Classes


Rethink Tennis Camp

We did. And, JKST is the coolest thing you're not doing…yet! This is tennis camp reimagined, individualized and focused on YOU!


We’ve trained thousands of tennis players and we know that each player has unique goals, interests and strengths. So, we did it. We rethought what it meant to come to a summer tennis camp and created programming designed just for you. You choose the intensity you want and we’ll give you the best experience and the best results.


If are you just drilling, serving, and playing matches like your iTunes on repeat – it’s time to step up and try a different approach.


After 40 years, it’s clear that Julian Krinsky knows tennis. Now you can experience our newest innovation: four levels of tennis with personalized elective classes you choose.


See the difference JKST will make in your game. Click here for the Summer Tennis Camp! 

Choose Your Age to Get Started:
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