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JR Indoor Tennis Clinics

Junior Clinics




Junior Tennis Clinics on the Main Line
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Junior Tennis Clinics at Narberth Tennis Club

Our clinics give junior tennis players, 18 and under, a chance to learn new skills in a group setting. This is a great way to improve your tennis and play against other players at the same skill level with similar goals. 


A Tennis Clinic for All Levels

We have clinics for all ages and levels of skill.  Whether you are trying to get on a high school team, trying out for college, or just starting to learn tennis, we have a clinic to help you get there.  


How to Find the Right Junior Tennis Clinic

For anyone new to JKST, you can meet with one of our certified tennis professionals and they will evaluate your level and find the clinic that is right for you. The club may require a play test with a professional for placement. We ask that you please respect the professional’s evaluation in matching you with other players. See below for just a few of our available clinics.


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Gold (Level 4)


  • For high performance players focused on tournaments and rankings

  • High intensity program focusing on physical, tactical and mental aspects

  • Emphasis on adding power and touch for competitive advantage

  • Participation based on skill level


Silver (Level 3)


  • Designed for skilled competitive players developing specific goal sets

  • Focuses on footwork and execution of all strokes

  • Preparation for USTA tournaments and ranking

  • Participation based on skill level

Blue (Level 2)


  • Focuses on proper technique, footwork, consistency and court awareness

  • Demonstrates proper form for all strokes with a live ball

  • Develops the ability to play matches with etiquette and sportsmanship


10 and Under 


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